Chasing Success…

I once heard a wise man say that you choose what kind of hard you want to live. You can either struggle to pay bills while being poor or you can struggle to become someone in life. Both are hard and you got to be willing to put in work. Many times many young teens don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Most of the time they aren’t looking at the bigger picture. They are stuck in the mindset of trying to be cool, drinking beer, or doing drugs. I don’t think smoking weed is a bad thing if you got your goals and are focused but I know a lot of people who just smoke and don’t do anything in life. The government has conditioned us to be stuck in the system but the masses don’t know due to the lack of reading self development books. Mass media has influenced many of our lives and has tried to put limits on what we can accomplish in life. Anyone can do anything if life if you put you mind to it.

Chasing Success…


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