We are being Poisoned?

Many times I wonder, what am I putting in my body? I started reading about Monsanto and how they spray many chemicals on the foods we eat such as beans, fruits, etc and that stuff goes in our body. This is what contributes to diseases such as cancer and mental illness. Many times people who are in the middle-lower class don’t pay attention to this because they just want low prices. This is why the government is making us stupid. The agriculture, food industry try to feed us these lies that we need milk and protein to have strong muscles and get protein. In reality dairy is known to cause acne and weaken our bones and spinach is known to have more protein than meats. With all these GMO foods, we are getting sick. In many other countries outside the USA, they banned artificial sweeteners and other processed junk. Even with all this nonsense, we got to be grateful that we have choices on what we eat. Other people in different countries are staring to death. We got to make good decisions and aware of these things.



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