Meeting Kendrick Lamar!

Kendrick Lamar has been inspiration for many people. Whether it be his lyrics, message, or influence, many people like his music and down to earth personality. Kendrick Lamar has always been my favorite rapper because he made it out of Compton and he likes to give back and uplift the people. I grew up 30 minutes away from Compton and I can relate to a lot of his lyrics. The mind is a very powerful thing and you can use it for good or bad. If you want to do something in life, if you do it for 21 straight days, it becomes a habit. People now a days try to stunt on social media but in reality there’s a lot of unknowns when it comes to instagram pictures. Meeting Kendrick Lamar, he did not have no rolex watch or gold chains. He is very humble who tries to help the youth. Money does not change you, it only shows your real personality. Today was a good day.



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